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» Shit Claims to Fame II

Dead Dog
I delivered the ashes of Jet's (also out of gladiators) dog. They had been delayed in the post and I came to her rescue.

She wasn't in, so in honesty I actually delivered Jet's dead dog to her mum. She was a nice lady.

(Link for perverts anyone that doesn't know her here)
(Thu 20th Sep 2012, 16:33, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

On-Line gaming
I can't figure it out at all. Why does a game need to be played online to 'experience the full game'? I have no interest in being shot 100 times by a nasal, whining yank kid who is hell-bent on telling me how l33t he is.

Secondly, is the whole 'online experience' just a ruse by developers to trick us into not noticing that they couldn't be arsed to develop decent enemy AI?

Don't even get me started on MMOs - if you want to meet people, develop a career, and make money, why don't you get off your lazy arse and GET A PROPER JOB?
(Sun 18th Oct 2009, 9:18, More)