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» Conned

ladies underwear
It's a con having to pay £30+ for a piece of material that hold the boobies up. Bloody Bravissimo!
(Fri 19th Oct 2007, 23:55, More)

» Crazy Relatives

Vile, I tell you...
Well my mother has her own special brand of madness. It ranges from claiming to be able to contact the dead, to her ever growing collection of tatoos. Her tatoos have to be seen to be believed. My two favourites are bus tatoo(she is a bus driver) with park and ride written underneath, the other is 2 red devils making the beast with 2 backs on her arse.

So this woman has blamed me for her divorce from my father, wastes money on seeing fortune teller types and watches porn as most people would watch a normal film. She asks me for porn on a regular basis!
Plus my entire family will freely admit to watching porn together. Help me.

Though despite the craziness, I wouldn't have them any other way including the crazy mum. She is ace
(Fri 6th Jul 2007, 17:31, More)

» My Biggest Disappointment

one of my biggest disappoiments...
Well apart from the lack of ability to spell correctly and intersperced with occasional use of bad grammer, I miss Legless.
His stories have always cheered me up endlessly, I don't care what others have said. His stories are the one of reasons* that I have returned week after to week (for the last few years) to QOTW. They simply make me smile. I am disappointed that he has virtually disappeared. Please Please come back...

The same should be applied to FrankSpencer...

* Though I would like to add that RSwipe,Chickenlady,PJM and Davros' but to name a few should all be included in the list of awesomeness.
(Mon 30th Jun 2008, 23:41, More)

» Prejudice

There is no excuse for the following

1.Tony and Guy's Hairdressers
2.Topman and Topshop

The person who is able to combine the above 3 in my opinion deserve a good kicking. Though its not big and its not clever.
(Sat 3rd Apr 2010, 21:08, More)

» Will you go out with me?

the usual
He bought me ale, took me home and did "very bad things to me"

Now we are engaged and buying a flat together. yay!
(Thu 28th Aug 2008, 22:14, More)
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