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Proud father of one from Surrey.

Into Music, Tech and Fizzy Drinks!

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» Dumb things you've done

...What do my feet look like when i run really fast?


Looking down + running fast + Lampost

= Hospital
(Wed 2nd Jan 2008, 21:59, More)

» Messing with the Dark Side

Well, I lived in Tower road...
...in Dartford which is supposed to be the most haunted road in Kent or whatever, it was on the same road as a spiritulist church (supposedly used by vikings or whatnot for sacrafices because the blood ran uphill or something mad like that) and it was a pub called The Oddfellows.
I had been living there for nigh on a year when i woke up to see a small girl staring out of my window.
At the time i thought to myself that i had left something there and was seeing something like a mop wearing a dress.
This happened 3 times throughout the next 3 months, until one night she walked out of my closed door!

Later on that year when my younger brother was using that particular room for a bedroom i went into his frankly abysmal attempt at tidying up to play playstation when an unused telly (which had been there since we moved in, it was broken methinks) literally flew across the room and hit my knee!

True story! Believe!
(Thu 20th Apr 2006, 19:14, More)

» Shit Claims to Fame II

I was the back of Harry Potters head...
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (Sorcerers Stone if you're a Merkin).
I was Daniel Radcliffe's body double, which basically meant whenever you see Harry in the film, but you can't see his face, it's me.

They are (or were) all really nice kids and we all got along really well, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) was genuinely hilarious and we played a lot of Tony Hawks 2 on the play-stations that Warner Brothers provided us, as if the sheer amount of literal wizardry going on around us wasn't enough to keep us entertained. It always sounds holier than thou when I talk about it but it genuinely was one of the best things I have ever been involved with and was so much fun to be a part of.

My Mum was an extra in Diagon Alley and to this day still tells people "I was in Harry Potter, but I don't like to talk about it" as if it is her hilarious catch phrase. The scene she was in was actually cut, but she insists at pointing at the telly when it's on saying "That's me there" pointing at a dark corner of the screen. She is even going to buy this ridiculous £200 36 disc complete collection based on the tiniest of possibilities she may be in some of the "never before seen footage".

This was 12 years ago and I still ride along on the coattails of my 11 year old self's glory!
It's just slightly emotionally crippling that my face wasn't good enough and the film is actually not that good.

Oh and my brother was the real boy laying on the floor at the end of the NSPCC "Cartoon boy" advert and my other brother was the Barnardo's "Heroin Baby".

Sorry for...wizardry.
(Fri 21st Sep 2012, 12:45, More)

» Teenage Parties

Danny Smith...
...who turned into an absolute twunt after the following event.

Friday night gig at "The Lion" Sum of Nothing (thats us) and Letters from London (thats them)

Gig goes well and we decide to go back to Danny's for a party!

Party is good lots of drink is consumed and a good time is being had by all...before drummer James from sum of nothing starts puking up all over the carpet in the living room (baring in mind everyone has been in the garden all night) James recovers laughs about it in his drunken state and jokes around saying he bummed the dog!

My turn later on I puke in almost the exact same spot Jim did and I am followed around for the rest of the night by the dog?!?!?!

Later on it is discovered that the dog ate all the puke and that James may well have bummed the dog!
(Fri 14th Apr 2006, 14:39, More)

» Dumb things you've done

smelt a fart...
(Wed 2nd Jan 2008, 21:56, More)
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