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hmm, who am i, somone tell me, im lost, in a dark room with nothing but this PC to light it HELP HELP HELP ARGH NOOOOOOOO

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» Clients Are Stupid

I work in
a certain office superstore named after small bits of metal that hold paper together, and..well cambridge people are stupid to put it kindly. i work on saturdays (cos im a dirty student) and atleast once a day we have some clever genius who tries to look like he knows everything, so he doesnt look stupid and ends up looking even stupider, the other week this guy comes in and says "i need a printer"
... i take him to the printers

"do these do colour nowadays?"

"yes, they do" i assured him

"will they work with any computer?"

"within reason" i tell him, "but if your computer isnt too old it should work"

so the guy buys the printer, a cable and about a centurys worth of printer cartridges.

so i carry on with my daily duties (stading around not doing much and talking to people), about 3 hours later the guy comes back and come up to me, printer box in hand, and says "i think my printer is broken, the ink is leaking, can you check it for me?"

by this time im a bit suspitious of the multicoloured stains on his sleeves, so i open the box, and it is flooded with a black resevoir of ink, holding back my laughter, i asked him how he put the cartridges in his printer, and he went on to tell me how he poured each colour down the paper feed. the poor bastard had used about £150 of ink and a £70 printer.
(Mon 29th Dec 2003, 10:16, More)