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(Mon 14th Feb 2005, 23:46, More)

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» Shame

Hrm where to start, pretty much all of mine involve waaaay too much drink. Think I would have learned by now >.<

- GF's freshers week, 1st night out in her new students union in a new town where she will be living for next 4yrs, with new people who might be her friends for said yrs. I get completly hammered, fall down 4 flights of stairs, sit at bottom crying for unknown reason, have to be helped out of union by bouncers...all while her new uni hall mates are asking if im alright.

- I have an awful fear of heights/falling and decided 1 night after drinking too much (as well as coke - 'nough said) that the best way to get over said fear was to go for a climb. 60ft up off unknwon party hosts balcony. Where i dangled waving at everyone and having a great-time. Aint been invited back since

- While 17 got invited to a formal (like a prom) by a friend of mine. Cue lots of drinking and some light fooling around between me and said friend until i head back to another mates house to kip for night as girls folks would not have been impressed with her arriving home with me in tow. So bunked down for night in top bunk in his room. Slept until about 4am when i woke up and projectile vomited EVERYWHERE. Worst bit was his mum heard, came in and changed bedding for me and took others of to be washed. Still cant look her in the eye 6yrs later.

- Hammered in a club at uni when decided needed a monumental dump. Staggered to toilets (luckly was still quite early on so place wasnt very busy) grabbed a cubicle and proceded to empty my bowels of the smelliest, most liquid substance every to leave my colon. All while singing along at the top of my voice to some crappy pop tune that was been played in the bogs. But the icing on that cake was when i left cubicle to notice distinct lack of urinals and quite a few girls whos looks of shock were only out-weighed by their looks of revulsion.

- And lastly my own freshers week, first night in union with my new halls mates they were giving out free vodka shots with your ticket stub. Only problem was you had to drink them straight though a ice-luge which was shaped like a male torso (guess where the vodka comes out?) So while every other guy shyed away from this as it seemed a lil gay to be sucking vodka out of an ice cock i decided free drink was free drink and went up to claim mine. Shamefull enough in itself, oh no i would have to do better than that. As the girl in charge started to pour the vodka into the top her assistant said something which caused me to turn my head to ask what....just in time for me to get a shot of vodka straight in the eye from this ice-mans willy while the uni photographed snapped a shot. A picture which remained on the union noticeboard (protected from removal by the protective glass) for the rest of the term!
(Tue 29th Nov 2005, 16:16, More)

» The last thing that made me cry

didn't quite cry
but could def feel tears trying to creep in reading Bongmaster's answer ( www.b3ta.com/questions/crybabies/post29670/ )
(Sun 17th Apr 2005, 7:14, More)

» Losing Your Virginity

15 wanted it over and done with
her 17

got her round my parents house (after convincing them to bugger off for the night)

pretnded i'd cooked a nice meal (all from local take-away)

did it twice

put her in a cab 10 mins after finished & dumped her 2 days later

total length of relationship 4 days
total time she hasn't spoken to me (so far) 7 & a half yrs
(Fri 4th Mar 2005, 19:25, More)