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all gone...(lost my old webspace)

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What my pet hippo does...
Gobble, gobble, gobble!!
He practices for the World Hungry Hippo Championships of course!
(Sun 15th Dec 2002, 22:41, More)

Jim Davidson is a fascist bigoted wanker, an embarassment to the British, and as out of date as pre-decimal money...  A vote for Jim is a vote for Hitler
(Mon 9th Dec 2002, 17:30, More)


(Sat 30th Nov 2002, 13:00, More)

Morning Ma'am

(Tue 26th Nov 2002, 10:48, More)

Morning!! :-)
(Mon 28th Oct 2002, 8:04, More)

Adam Hated God

(Sun 27th Oct 2002, 22:52, More)

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