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Nana can't even do a simple jigsaw

(Tue 10th Dec 2002, 12:21, More)

Yes Mr.Fancyteeth...
but it can get rather choppy.

(Tue 20th Aug 2002, 13:10, More)

Anyone seen these guys?
I was out rambling in Ruthin North Wales and I bumped into these guys. Very friendly and very nimble.

(Mon 19th Aug 2002, 13:44, More)


(Tue 18th Jun 2002, 13:29, More)

I'm always doing that aswell

(Mon 10th Jun 2002, 13:56, More)

A fine selection from the MFI catalogue

(Wed 29th May 2002, 14:15, More)

I cant help feeling sorry for him

(Fri 24th May 2002, 11:15, More)

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