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Hey, I'm still a newbie - please be gentle!

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» Jobsworths

W4nky Gym Receptionists
At our local Gym and Leisure facility we decided to start playing Badminton weekly.

After the first time we played we wanted to book a court again for the next week and so we went to pay at the counter on our way out.

We didn't have any cash on us but my partner had her bank card. The awkward "Jobsworth" receptionist insisted that we couldn't pay by card as it would result in the Gym incurring a surcharge. Despite this apparent "RULE" we could book by card if we booked by phone.

So, my partner picked up her mobile phone and whilst standing opposite the receptionist, rang the Gym and booked a court for the next week - by credit card.

You should have seen their faces!

(Sun 15th May 2005, 0:17, More)