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Fancy a career change ?
I've been meaning to do this picture for years.

(Sun 28th Nov 2004, 21:09, More)

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» Posh

I carry pictures
of the queen in my pocket every day, and get this, some of the pictures are on metal.

I often also tend to hand these out to young maidens at bars, in which return they give us ale.
(Mon 19th Sep 2005, 9:12, More)

» That's when I knew it was over...

When those ...
Pesky kids and their dog turned up at my haunted amusement park.
(Fri 22nd Jul 2005, 0:34, More)

» My Worst Date

Was Really not a good idea
kind of saving this one in case i ever get on Richard and Judy ;-) , but top tip. when ever going out with a young lady who is the daughter of a Ambasador,. it is really not a good idea to say "Ah Ambasador with your daughter you are really spoiling us"
(Wed 27th Oct 2004, 13:35, More)

» Ripped Off

got caught out good and proper ,
was looking for a cheap metal detector(im an armourer so something handy for picking up spent shells) , saw an ad with a big picture of a metal detector, with the headline "find buried treasure with this amazing tool" , paid my twenty quid and they sent us a shovel.
(Fri 16th Feb 2007, 12:51, More)

» In the Army Now - The joy of the Armed Forces

This was very cold.
Was on excercise in a freezing cold february, part of a infantry unit. To give a introduction on infantry;

You sleep in mud,
Your first aid kit is mud
Your rations is mud
Your cover is mud
Your camouflage is mud

Any problems you rely on the mud

anyway , freezing cold after a 40K recon tab, pitch black in the middle of some mud. Went to clean my weapon, started stripping it down, all ok, went to put back it together again, and realised i had two forward springs. I had somehow managed to take apart the guy next to me weapon as well. By now the ice was forming up on the fingers so i carefully laid the second dismantled weapon near him and sneaked off into the mud.
(Mon 27th Mar 2006, 6:22, More)
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