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Well... I'm a yank, and i despise that about myself. sometimes i want to punch myself for living in this damned country. But be forewarned: if i do something stupid, I am allowed to blame it on my fucked up country. also, even as a yank, you may commonly see me saying words such as bloody, bugger, bollocks, and other, less mainstream expletives due to the fact that I HATE AMERIKA. oh, and, um... oh, and um, the end is near, i suppose.

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» I'm an expert

Drug encyclopaedia on two legs
i have extensive expertise in the creation, use, and abuse of many psychoactive substances, legal and illegal. What's great is most of the knowledge is in lesser-known psychoatives, or is trivial knowledge, or both.
I know 99% of what there is to know about marijuana and dextromethorphan, as well as having a large supply of trivial info on cocaine and acid, as well as practically every other black market substance.
What's most interestingv is aside from potsmoking and a total of about 5 DXM trips, I've never actually tried any of this shit, i just do a lot of research b/c psychoactive chemicals are a fascinating thing for me.
(Thu 23rd Jun 2005, 17:58, More)