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Yes I am a real doctor.

Yes I do own some trousers.

So nob off, or go here www.drtrouser.com (yes it's just a directory as I cannot be arsed to create anything remotely website looking, old school that's me!)

This was my only FP to get recinded at the request of Ladybird's laywers;

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Right I have a quick question
But first have this piece of crap I knocked up after the pub last night..

So, what's the best bit of software for ripping avis,mwvs etc. into gifs (I'm thinking specifically of the BBC library stuff).

As usual all help gratefully received, all unhelpful 'comedy' replies ignored
(Tue 6th Jul 2004, 9:38, More)

Fight you fucker, fight!!

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The Klan really love burning those crosses...

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