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Just another of many others...
You may see my dreadful web page by clicking
this innocent looking little link right here...

I'm also not particularly well... mentally...

Yup, a bassist. But also a drummer, guitarist, and pianist (penis?); pro for many years but "retired" from the biz. Now it's COBOL, c, and web stuff. Oh, and wasting huge amounts of time on b3ta...
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Oh, and there's this blog thingie...

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» Have you ever paid for sex?

Have I ever NOT paid one way or another for sex?
(Fri 20th Jan 2006, 18:47, More)

» Lost...

An entire...
...drum set. This was, indeed, in the mid 80's. Much beer & substances were involved, and had been continually for many years. At any rate, since I have very few memories of, well, 1980 - 1987, I can't quite recall where I left them. The building we once rehearsed in is long gone, as are the band members. Most conspicuous to me, of course, is that the drums are gone.

I haven't had a drink since 1987...
(Fri 3rd Dec 2004, 23:30, More)

» Worst Band Ever

It's a toss-up
Could it be Xtreme, with their vomit-inducing "More Than Turds", or is it perhaps The Starland Vocal Band with "Afternoon Delight"? Oh, wait, who did "Billy, Don't be a Hero"?
(Thu 30th Dec 2010, 16:34, More)