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confused, slightly forgetful, works like a sloth, bloody awful at typing and slightly forgetful

me are being robsjpg at yahoo dot coe dot ewe-kay

can't be arsed to do a website

fav phrases :
shit the bed
cacked me pants
fist merchant of ringsville
and fuck off

Cat - Red Dwarf

My Mate Karl

Chloe Anette - Red Dwarf

Roy Keane

Kryten - Red Dwarf

my mate jamie

Rimmer - Red Dwarf

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» School Naughtiness

I once got moved to the front in maths due to being a distraction
and after a few weeks of sitting next to a goth with nicely size mammaries, she polished my pork-tuba during the lesson whilst I explored her quivering mound of love-pudding. Luckily the wet patch doesn't show in black school trousers!
Thanks for the handage but i've temporarily forgotten your name, nice-boobed goth.
I'm such a slag.

edit: slag reduction - she was called Natalie!!
(Thu 8th Sep 2011, 21:21, More)

» Losing Your Virginity

take a seat..............
my innocence was lost way back. A first attempt was ruined by my mate bursting in when a game of ‘postman’s knock’ got a bit lairy and I was about to pump some meat. So later on, I was going out with this girl and my mate had a Christmas party round his. Being the suave bloke I am, I offered he upstairs. She said ok, which was a miracle, into the spare room we went. Anyhoo, after feeding the pony and checking the mic for a while, I suggested we try a new game of bury the trumpet. The reply was positive, so out came the jonny I’d had in my wallet for 6 months, and on it went. Squelch, fart, rumble, awkward, bing, bang, wallop, the deed was done. Unfortunately Mr jonny had decided he’d had enough and disappeared during the main event. He was in the bed sheets, so we told him off and flushed him away.
A few months later of keeping my mouth shut came to ruins when matey told me he’d just nobbed his bird for the first time. I couldn’t hold back, told him the whole story and how I’d kept quiet. He wasn’t impressed as he shared the bed with his missus that night and thought it felt a bit damp, but put it down to the window being open.
(Mon 7th Mar 2005, 20:13, More)