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» Work Experience

work exp
I was lucky to spend a week at Aardman Animations where i made and animated a little man. Nabbed that after i pestered them for months. Still trying to crack the moview industry today!
(Thu 10th May 2007, 21:35, More)

» Little Victories

Bless Nectar
So this one happened today actually

I usually use my nectar points to get a "free" movie rental or two from blockbuster.

Any way today was extra special. My nectar card crashed the Blockbuster card system. The result where 2 films properly for free since the poor checkout girl couldn't bear trying to go through the telephone book sized system reboot guide. Ta very much Sainsburys!
(Fri 11th Feb 2011, 22:04, More)

» Cars

Just turn it off and on again
my mate and I where on a road trip of the USA in a monstrous Dodge Charger (seriously huge, we turned the passenger seat into an almost lie flat bed). Now we only had one scary moment which was this.

Shortly after pulling onto the highway i decided to put the radio on. Twiddle the buttons. Nothing happens. odd i thought, bit more fiddling but nothing. Then i look at my dash. Everything has stopped working (bar the speedometer it seemed.). no lights (getting dare), noon board computer, no AC, nada. all the electrics where dead.

Feck passed through my mind, wondering if that would affect the power steering (when a V6 engine is considered underpowered for a 4 tonne car thats worrying). Thank fully not.

So we pulled over and discovered that American cars are like MS windows. If it crashes just turn it on and off again. Whole dash lit up like a Christmas tree after a quick go. Guy at the garage said it was probably just a dodge fuse but it did cause some severe buttock clenching when it happened.
(Tue 27th Apr 2010, 22:54, More)

» Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Hospitals

Ski resort doctors
To my mind this doctor was like doctor dog out of rex the runt. Anything for a tenner or in this case $50

I managed to wipe out whilst skiing in Canada, knobling my knee in the process. Que fun in the blood wagon and much royal waving as i trundled down the slope.

Anyway at the doctors itself i was quickly whisked in and given a good poking around. By this point my knee is starting to swell fast (it eventually turned into a small football of a thing). After some prodding and umming and roughly 5 minutes of seeing the doc i was told it was just a sprain and should be find by tomorrow, that'll be $50 please.


Later that day i gingerly put a tiny bit of weight on it and promptly found myself sprawled on the floor screaming in agony. However i gritted my teeth since i had a plane to catch the next day and thought bugger it, i was silly for trying that, its sprained.

when the swelling hasn't gone down for 2 weeks after (and the swelling was huge and "squishy) a trip to the doc revealed that i had sever my ancruchia ligament (a later op revealed it wasn't just severed but gone, nothing left).

So thank you special Canadian doctor for massive misdiagnosis and brownie points for Air Canada who, whilst giving me an isle seat for the flight back after i pointed out my wheelchair state and leg, stuck me on the wrong side of the plane, meaning my knackered knee was pressed up against some reclined arse for 8 hours.

joy, but big thank you to NHS for fixing things.
(Thu 11th Mar 2010, 13:48, More)