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i'm am a student. woo!

i can be contacted at nemesis_of_the_turtles at hotmail dot com, if you so desire

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not sure how proud i am of this, but hey..

You are a complete and utter BASTARDIZATION
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Unless English is your third language,
there is absolutely no excuse for your
ignorance. You shame us with your speech. Go
back and finish your schooling, Bastard.

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I'm Swiss, yodelodelodelay-hee-foo'
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A Rum and Monkey joint.

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» School fights

not a fight as such, but funny all the same...
there was a new kid in our class in about year 9. he, being japanese, didn't talk all that much english. so one day, (ironicly in an english class) said japanese kid is being taunted by the resident nob head who finds it incredibly amusing. there was another japanese kid in our class who spoke good english and so translated some of what was going on i guess.

so long story short, the japanese kid gets more and more wound up at grinning, taunting fool that he jumps over the desk taking a chair with him on the way and preceeds to slam the chair down incredibly hard right in front of the other kid.

needless to say the other kid shit himself and never taunted the japanese kid again.

and the chair never recovered either...
(Mon 13th Mar 2006, 22:33, More)

» Look! It's me in the Local Paper

when my mum was a kid....
she saw herself on tv, don't remember the full story, i just remember she was ill for weeks afterward.

the price of fame!
(Fri 11th Feb 2005, 11:24, More)

» Near Death Experiences

whilst wiring plugs in science
i happened to mention you could fit the plug into the socket by pushing the screwdriver in in place of the earth plug (which had no doubt been removed to prevent just such dangerous behaviour). well someone goes and does it and turns the swith on. que buzzing noise then loud bang as it short circuits inches from my face. needless to say my underwear needed a good clean after that little episode
(Sun 28th Nov 2004, 22:19, More)

» Best and worst TV ads

I just read Ysol's post about adverts you've only seen once...
and I have one of those. Did anyone else ever see an advert (in the UK within the last year) for one of those companies offering to buy/sell your car with 3 people dressed as penguins dancing in a driveway and singing a song that went something along the lines of 'we can sell your car today, [insert name of website here].co.uk'?

It looked like it cost all of a tenner to make and I've only ever seen it once. I know I didn't imagine it but I've never been able to find it since.
(Thu 15th Apr 2010, 23:37, More)

» Call Centres

Post Office home phone
Not wanting to bore anyone with the details, I have had cause to ring the customer service line of the above on several occassions including one time when I was accidentally transferred from the call centre to the security guard at the buildings front desk. Strangely he was one of the more helpful people there.

Length? It's what you do with it that counts.
(Tue 8th Sep 2009, 23:21, More)
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