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The Secret of the Smile

Davideo's Website
(Wed 30th May 2007, 19:13, More)

cat skate

Davideo Website
MY entry in Lucozade's £10k video comp
(Tue 15th May 2007, 10:48, More)

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» You're a moviestar baby

Opening credits for Songs of Praise
Me and my girlfriend were in Beaumaris on Anglesey and we could see a camera crew "down tools" at it were, 2 weeks later, flicked the TV on "songs of praise" was starting just as i reached for my remote, "this weeks programme is in Beaumaris" so i lingered and sure enough in the opening montage shots was me. WERHEEY. Waited till i had turned me back on em.
(Fri 12th Nov 2004, 3:36, More)