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Nonny Has mainly died on B3ta.
thanks for the laughs.
Please look at my free short stories.


For some reason I had the lyrics
"Toad in the hole and duh duh duh derrr derr" (where the ders are words I don't know) going through my head.
I'm pretty sure it's from a T.V show, possibly Simon and the Witch.
Someone provided me with additional lyrics which are :
"Toad in the hole and
dog in a blanket
der der der der
make the world a brighter day"(Uncertain)

This has now been solved :

Thanks To Derek Monte

"Toad in the hole and
dog in a blanket
a witches dinner is happy as can be"

Alternatively, by Cakie, it is :
"Toad in the hole and dog in a blanket,
fly paper custard with a cup of onion tea.
worm bolognese and a beetla pancake,
a witches dinner is as tasty as can be."

Look! Behind you!
(Runs away)

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Back in my Day

(Tue 22nd Aug 2006, 12:00, More)

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» When animals attack...

On a medieval re-enactment event we were watching the falconry displays. Typically one of the birds buggered off and didn't come back for ages.
Later on in the day i'm merilly walking around, dressed in green top, cheese sandwich in hand when - WHAM - bird of prey swoops past my ear, grabbing cheese sandwich and soaring off into the blue yonder.
It must have thought i was a handler. Scared the bejesus outta me.
(Thu 2nd Jun 2005, 15:27, More)

» Messing with the Dark Side

Tarot Cards
I once had my Tarot read. They said i was a bigamist. With 3 Women.
Sadly it never came true, I have been sadly dissapointed with the dark side.
(Thu 20th Apr 2006, 12:12, More)

» When animals attack...

Naievety + Strange Dog
As a young un i developed a habit of going round and petting random dogs that were walking the streets.
Quite simply one took offence and bit me accross the nose. I ran away crying and never mentioned it to anyone.
(Thu 2nd Jun 2005, 16:37, More)

» Look! It's me in the Local Paper

Fire Breathing
I got into the travelling circus, because they wanted a local boy for publicity. God, tv cameramen are twats, they filmes it about 10 times.
Large Photo 1
Large Photo 2
Long Story that's too big to put here
(Thu 10th Feb 2005, 17:09, More)

» When animals attack...

Wasp + Popcorn
When i lived in germany i went to a fair and decided to treat myself to some popcorn.
After about 4 or 5 handfulls i put my hand in and think, mmm, this piece of popcorn is a bit hard. I pull my hand out and there's a wasp loitering on my thumb. It was scant inches away from being put into my gob.
(Thu 2nd Jun 2005, 16:39, More)
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