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» Helicopter Parents

On holiday, when I was seven
My elder sister and I had our ball nicked by adolescent bullies, playing catch over our heads before chucking it in a bottle bank.

When Mum turned up a few minutes later to two crying children, she bundled us in the car with orders to point them out. She drove around the town for almost an hour (stopping to refuel) before we found them coming out of a sweet shop.
She stopped the car in the middle of the street before jumping out to slap them so hard, partially masticated mars bar was liberated from their faces, while simultaneously screaming threats based on omnipotent wrath culminating in "if you ever do that to anyone again, I'll know."

She probably ruined their lives by not announcing who she was before attacking them but after that the rest of the holiday was awesome by default.

I love my Mum.
(Mon 14th Sep 2009, 3:13, More)