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Hello! Visit my site!

I'm 26 27 28 29 30, female, and I live in sunny old Brighton.

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Dandelion? Dandelamb!

(Mon 20th Jun 2005, 2:17, More)

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» Weird Traditions

Drown the Witch
I grew up in Poland, where every early spring we did this . Basically, we (my classmates and I) made a giant doll out of straw and rags called 'Marzanna'. We'd dress her up, march her to a nearby river and drown the poor thing amidst songs and chants. It was, as we were told, the only way to usher out winter and bring on a full fledged spring.

The country's 98% Catholic, but there we were, every springtime, wielding a giant voodoo doll and chanting curses at her. Ah, my "Wicker Man" childhood.
(Thu 28th Jul 2005, 20:27, More)