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Hi all.
hooker1uk here. I'm not as active as I used to be but always easy to find on twitter. @hooker1uk

I blog on http://imwellconfused.me.uk and like to swear, flirt and biting my nails.

Is that enough? ok I'll shut up then

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» Voyeurism

i was watched
picture the scene
walking the ex girlfreind home over the dunstable downs, we had both been drinking.
she got frisky and offered a bit of oral relief, at midnight i thought hell, why not!
so during the act two gay men walked past,
stopped to say, "she's doing it wrong" then proceeded to walk off discussing the perfect blow job

from hard to floppy in seconds
(Sat 13th Oct 2007, 11:06, More)

» Voyeurism

caught again
i had a crush on a girl at work, she also had crush on me,
"message recieved"
Meet me in dungeon (we worked in an adventure playground at the time)
Tunnels 10 mins x
from her, so i we meet, talk and decide to become a couple.
we proceeded to get close, (kissing only) to find a group of about 8 children watching us through a window
(Sat 13th Oct 2007, 11:20, More)

» Have you ever paid for sex?

paying for sex??
i have never paid for sex but with a surname like mine (hooker) i always get asked how much for an hour of my time?

to the extent i even have the words "whore" scraped on my clock in card at work
(Wed 25th Jan 2006, 12:25, More)

» When I met the parents

while dating an ex she requested i meet her parents, which was good as i wanted to meet them. then it kinda went tits up, ' meet me at 7, usualt place can you drive me home' was the messgage i got, i arrived and waited, ten minuites later a bmw pulled up in car park, her dad, godfather and another nutter bolted out of the car. it turned out her old man had heard rumors about my family, and decided to warn me away, one torched car, a broken arm and 3 busted ribs later i never waw her again - the bitch even borrowed £20 off me the night before
(Sun 22nd May 2005, 23:34, More)

» Mums

Not a good one.
Not much to say bar a chuffin ace mum, those 11 years were the best.

She lost her battle with cancer in February 1995.

I was coming home from chior when we found out.

I will never forgive myself for not being there to say bye.
(Thu 11th Feb 2010, 18:51, More)
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