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Dio is a New Media busy bee, and in his spare time he likes to keep a web log which you can read here... Click this link for Dio Bach's Web Fun...

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» The last thing that made me cry

My Son Jabbed A Pen In My Eye...
Monday morning, dozing in bed, he came in as he couldn't sleep (he's almost 2), next thing I know is he's fidgeting and my eyes have been closed a minute.

Then, Whoop! Shooting pain in my left eye and my son smiling, holding a pen in his hand (that his mother must have left on the bedside cabinet...)

I ran to the toilet (after disarming him), looked in the mirror in anticpated horror, spotted what looked like a puncture mark right by my tear duct and started bawling. It wasn't the pain though that had me crying - it was the thought I could have just been blinded by my son's natural curiosity. Scary...

Its OK now by the way, the puncture mark was a red dot that grew a bit and is now getting better. An inch to the left though... *shudders*
(Thu 14th Apr 2005, 15:42, More)