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Dio is a New Media busy bee, and in his spare time he likes to keep a web log which you can read here... Click this link for Dio Bach's Web Fun... and this one for The Next Big Web Thing

He also helps an chavster single mum maintain a place on the web: Chav Mum

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» The last thing that made me cry

My Son Jabbed A Pen In My Eye...
Monday morning, dozing in bed, he came in as he couldn't sleep (he's almost 2), next thing I know is he's fidgeting and my eyes have been closed a minute.

Then, Whoop! Shooting pain in my left eye and my son smiling, holding a pen in his hand (that his mother must have left on the bedside cabinet...)

I ran to the toilet (after disarming him), looked in the mirror in anticpated horror, spotted what looked like a puncture mark right by my tear duct and started bawling. It wasn't the pain though that had me crying - it was the thought I could have just been blinded by my son's natural curiosity. Scary...

Its OK now by the way, the puncture mark was a red dot that grew a bit and is now getting better. An inch to the left though... *shudders*
(Thu 14th Apr 2005, 15:42, More)