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Bunnies are a force for good

Yesss. Gooood.

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When I were small,
You had to work 18 hours a day down kitten-powered earsock mill for tuppence a week.

Thank heavens we live in more enlightened times.
(Thu 13th Jun 2002, 15:29, More)

I found this chappie at the weekend

I think it's looking for a mate.
(Mon 29th Apr 2002, 11:44, More)

OK, a slighlty belated and illconcieved effort.

When slightly miffed karate bears attack.

Oh dear.
(Fri 26th Apr 2002, 10:26, More)

This is my imaginary friend

He's called Tyler, nice chap but a bit violent.
(Tue 16th Apr 2002, 11:05, More)

Yay! My first ever animated gif...

My last project has finally finished so more skiving time for me. Woo!
(Mon 15th Apr 2002, 15:59, More)


Bears could settle their differences more peacefully.
(Thu 21st Feb 2002, 10:42, More)

So I thought I'd do something to protect endangered species

Should do the trick.
(Thu 21st Feb 2002, 9:14, More)

My search has ended at last.

(Fri 8th Feb 2002, 10:45, More)

Open your eyes, have a look
at your lovely new room

(Fri 9th Nov 2001, 9:41, More)

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