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Acidic Camel is a bizarre bipedal organism, contructed mainly from superglue and jelly beans, currently studying for a degree in internal monologues. He has no nose to speak of but most are too kind to point this out.

Here's some freaky stuff that's been leaking out of my brain recently:

David Dickinson's Fox Hunt- my first piccy. Gosh, was it only last month?

This one disturbed many of my family and friends. Plus, some kids linked to it from their rock and pop music messageboard. Woo! I can retire now.

I really like this one, partly because I love Thomas the Tank Engine, partly because the idea of Thomas in Robot Wars makes me giggle like a schoolboy.

My favourite. I like 'shopping horseriders onto weird things. And what can be cooler than a miniature rodeo cowboy riding a bluebottle? Maybe one at three times the size?

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» Walkman Flashbacks

Mustang Sally by The Committments
The Music Club, of which I was a member, were playing at an open mic night and we kept getting requests to play 'Mustang Sally'. So we gave in at the end of the night, and I took up lead guitar duties. We needed someone for backing vocals, and our club secretary stepped forth- a very loud, very rotund woman with too high an opinion of herself.

Anyway, we played it and were doing fine until the first 'All you wanna do is ride around Sally' when we heard 'Ride Sally, ride' in a Barry White-esque female baritone with a Yorkshire accent. It was awful. There were panicked glances from all the band members, none of us could believe we were hearing this. We played the whole thing and she didn't even realise how bad she sounded.

So now, every time I hear 'Mustang Sally', I think of our 'beloved' club secretary.
(Tue 29th Mar 2005, 13:10, More)