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» My first love

What exactly did I do to her??
Typical teenage romance:
Went on holiday, met a really nice girl, hung round her for a few days (didn't even snog!), swapped addresses and phone numbers.
We arranged to meet up, but she then changed her mind and in a typical twattish hormonal moment I rang her number and ended up telling her younger brother that if he didn't put on her on the phone the bogeyman would come in his sleep and kill him!!

A few years later, spotting her on Friends Reunited, I decide to send an email to kind of apologise, only to get the following cryptic reply...

"I have to confess that i'm not sure that i do know who you are.
I don't want to offend you, but did you live in Godalming? (i hope so otherwise your going to think me a bitch).
If it is you, then i have a feeling that you may already think me a bitch!
However i think that you may have been my first love and in which case, having celebrated my 25th birthday on saturday, i am fondly reminded of what got me into the current romance related disaster.
Let me know if it is you.

Despite replying, I never did find out what I had done to push her into 'romance-related disaster'

Sorry Alison!!
(Tue 25th Oct 2005, 23:11, More)