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» Losing Your Virginity

I was 13 at the time... I remember it well...
I was on my dinner break at school with a few friends and we decided to go down a deserted beach and muck about for a bit.. play a bit of footy, or kiss chase, with some of the girls who with us at the time.. there were 3 girls, two were absolutely gorgeous, and one was a big, fat, ugly, spotty, smelly cunt called Alison.. She confessed her undying love for me as we were walking back to school, and said if i wanted, she would suck my cock. I gets to thinkin "well, she may be a rancid monster, but i won't have to look at her, and no-one would find out would they?" so i diverted with her to the nearest place where there were definately no people.

She then started to play a few notes on the pink piccolo, which was great, this bint was hungry for cock! it was like she hadn't eaten in months - she was like an animal. She then said she wanted me to fuck her as hard as i could, so without further ado, i asked if we could go doggystyle for the first position, as it ws something i'd always fantasised about(it was really so i didn't have to look at her face, her arse was better looking). Next thing I know, a load of my mates from different classes came round the corner to find me blowing my load all over her bum.

Needless to say, i never - to this day - lived it down. : (
(Thu 10th Mar 2005, 16:13, More)

» Little things that turn you on

I'd have to say cheese and marmite sandwiches.. oh yes.. they make me want it..

That, and slippery inner thigh moistness.
(Tue 22nd Feb 2005, 8:51, More)