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» Ignoring Instructions

Everyone laughs at the silly instructions found on some irons like "do not use while still wearing clothes" or some such thing.

Anyway, a friend of mine a while back found out why that instruction is there. His shirt collar was creased, so he decided to sort it out. got a large burn on his neck instead.
We laughed.
(Mon 8th May 2006, 16:36, More)

» Amazing displays of ignorance

Head of IT
Several years ago I worked for a company where I was part of the server support team. Unfortunatly we had a slight issue with our UPS... slight as in the fact that it blew up taking out several local phases and causing the entire complex to lose power.

So, disaster recovery plan came into full effect. Everyone except IT got sent home, jammy gits, while the rest of IT sorted the crap out.
A little bit later we were ready to bring servers back online again discussing the order of priority and what can be left off until full power is restored.

Techie : Right, we need to bring servers A,B and C online. D thru G can be ignored as non essential.
Head of IT : Why can't we bring everything online now!
Techie : Umm... we dont have enough power.
Head of IT : Of course we do. We have box loads of power extension leads!
Room : *Silence*
(Sun 21st Mar 2010, 19:39, More)

» The most childish thing you've done as an adult

Hey Cow
A few weeks ago, while driving to the ski fields from Auckland my friends and I started a game called Hey Cow.
The rules being,
1, Open car window
2, Upon passing a herd of cows, scream HEY COW
You get a point for every cow that looks at you.

We are all 30 years old.
(Wed 23rd Sep 2009, 1:43, More)

» Beautiful Moments, Part Two

Blast off
A few months ago I found myself in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for my best mates wedding. I went on a shoestring, while all my mates were doing all the theme parks I was back at the flat reading my book. However, being rather geeky, one thing I was not going to miss out on was a trip to the Kennedy Space center... And luck would have it, there was a launch on. Nothing special but it was still a launch. So my friends and I did all the usual stuff then eagerly hung around for the lauch... delayed 10 minutes. Fair enough, delayed again. Hmm... ok. Waiting around still. The sun is setting and the crowd is getting bigger. Delayed again, at this point it is quite late and we have to leave. All of us quite disappointed so we head back to the car.

And as we get to the parking lot... a confirmed launch time, 5 minutes. So we all run to the car and wait. Then it happens.
First a bright flash lights up the sky, followed by a roar then a big cloud of smoke billows out turning the flash an orange colour then there it is! A ball of fire riding a pillar of smoke. Absolutly stunning moment, completely speechless. One of *the* top highlights of my life. We all stand there in silence staring at the sky until there is nothing left to see.
(Sun 8th Aug 2010, 5:51, More)

» Mums

She is ace
Let me tell you about my mum, she is a fairly normal mum. Not batty or anything... she is just simply my mum. She is not the sharpest tool in the box and has brought up 3 and a half kids and considering what she went through. Its the half kid that i will tell you about...

I used to like my grandparents until my mum told me this story. Anyway, my mum had a boyfriend when she was 17/18 and unfortunatly became pregnant.
Of course this was too much scandel for her parents and the fact that they hated the father, so they made her give her up for adoption.
Over the years my my mum tried to track her daughter down but failed time and time again, eventually giving up.

Then, several years ago my mum got a letter "Dear Mummy Fishbone... i think I am your daugther." A few weeks later they met up and a few weeks after that I met my half-sister who is a spitting image of my mum.

Because of that, my mum told us show vowed to bring us up differently. She has been patient as a saint and we have all grown up in a relaxed loving household and dealt with any of the crap us kids threw her way... As I said, she is a simple mum, but she is my mum and she is ace :o)
(Thu 11th Feb 2010, 20:40, More)
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