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» Job Interviews

Not bad as such.... but didnt get the job
I went for an interview that consisted of the normal stuff.... group exercises etc... we stand up and talk about ideal holidays. Where most people would make a joke like 'I dont take holidays!' Har har.. yea that first guy was funny (ish) when he said it... your number 6 and your a twunt!
And 'what are you looking for in a job?' where everyone says prospects, a career, job satisfaction... blah blah.. bull!
I tried to be as bluntly honest as possible hoping my cheeky chappy attitude would win through the cheese balls i tried 'Lots of money for short hours'... that went down like a fart in a lift.
Thats not the best bit. We did a 'impossible scenario/what would you take with you if your boat crashed and the captain died'
Now apparently this captain had a box you could take with you if you wanted to. no one knew what was in it and you couldnt open it. Some fat lad in our group decided to take it as it must be important. the gimp.
Turns out said box contained a daemon and it killed us all. Yes... thats what the cell manager told us...
I left before they came back to tell us who had 1 to 1 interviews.
They never called either!
(Sun 23rd Jan 2005, 22:16, More)