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» Office Christmas Parties

Can it get any better than this?
After 11 months and 19 days of employment our crew of welders, and barge repairmen, were all summoned to the "lunch area", durying our regularly scheduled lunch period of course. It was a "be there or be gone" sort of invitation, from the main dudes up at the head office.
Like all good men and boys we made our appearance, with hat in hand, to be greeted by 1 extra folding table, ( we already had one that had been liberated from a trash dumpster), both tables gayly decorated with white paper table coverings, and a box of See's Chocolate Candy for each of us, about 15 in all.
See's by the way is pretty good chocolate, and the mixed boxs we recieved have only a few of the boogers that you eat the outside chocolate off and spit the rest.
What a delight, how nice, we were dully thankfull and said so. Some days later we descovered that what our employer had so generously given us, as a Christmas bonus/gift, was chocolates left over from the head office Christmas party of the previous year. The boxes of chocolates had been stored in a freezer all year to be used as gifts for the working hands the following Christmas.
Just proving you don't become a multi million dollar construction company by pissing away your valuable resources.
(Tue 21st Dec 2004, 20:37, More)