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mostly i lurk

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» Petty Sabotage

erm bigshape?
if he was complaining because his mobile had been stolen, who replied when you rang him to tell him to stop fucking you off?

just a thought :)
(Wed 11th May 2005, 20:14, More)

» Walkman Flashbacks

damn, 3rd
(Thu 24th Mar 2005, 11:04, More)

» Useless Information

The common swedish word "lagom" can't be be translated in to a single word in any other language. In english it would be something like "not to much, not to little".
The origin of the word is the old days when they passed one jug of beer around and everyone should drink "lagom" so there would be some left for the last person, but not more then he could handle.
Lag = team, om|kring = around"

apparently. but isnt 'not too much, not too little' translated as 'sufficient' in english?
(Sat 19th Mar 2005, 19:47, More)