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Think I should finally do something with my profile, now that I've decided to lurk less and post more.

I'm a 19 year old (although no-one believes that) from Colchester called Jon, or Paddy to my friends.

Currently underemployed so spend my days on my computer, pedanting, mocking others to make myself feel better about certain inadequacies, adding to and organising my music collection or sitting in the garden with my tortoises.

Going to York next year for fun and games.

Will upload some photos and some style when I can be bothered.

Can be contacted at jpaddy [at] gmail.com
Or on msn at jpaddyuk [at] hotmail.com

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The following work is not that of someone who can even claim to be an artist. He accepts no responsibility for damage to eyes / brains / third-parties / other.

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