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Thought i'd finally do something snazzy (i.e. eye-watering) with my profile, if only so i don't have to give in to the temptation to repost my humble offerings...

First things first: I bought a domain and have free hosting with my ISP, so click this: www.cheredenine.co.uk for the beginnings of something great. Sure its crap now, but image what could happen if i could be bothered to learn HTML properly? And, like, get some designs skillz...

Anyway. Some pics! In no particular order, least of all that of quality (some of these can be clicked for bigness, some can't. Knock yourself out trying, though!):

Gizzard? Loat?

I like making space pictures. Its fun, even if they contain too many lens flares to be cool.

The Beattie bandwagon monkey, avec lobster.

These are a bit rare - for them reproduction is a pain in the arse!

The next two.... Fuck knows what i was thinking, but my new tablet needed testing....

Theres a joke in there somewhere. Fish? check. Large pussy? Check. Woman? Check.

Early animation experiment. Ph34r my mad skillz.

Tracing old textbook covers under the influence of alcohol equals this.

I'm getting bored of labelling these now.

Even though they're really good pics, this IS getting tedious...

Haha! I called the file 'tit'!

This is a taster for an animation thingy I did based on an idea that was kicking around my head for a while... Click it for 700k biggification:

Had enough? Good. Coz i've run out for the moment. Ta ta!

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» Jobsworths

Soapy Norris
Re: Comet fridge adventure...

I used to work for Comet - i can tell you that this employer supplies exactly zero training on product specification, so its not necessarily the sales person's fault he didn't know the difference. There is, however, always the chance that he was a cunt, though.

The similar spec but different pricing probably indicates that the cheaper was either a discontinued model or an exclusive model to Comet.

The trick is to do your own research and avoid high-street and/or retail park shops wherever possible.
(Mon 16th May 2005, 23:37, More)