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Ok, i know scary boy chick and thats about it really...hmm...im obsessed with ribeana and YES i know its not spelt that way but if i had my way...it would be *shakes fist* err...i also hate radiators but worship spoons and then do normal people stuff..you eat, sleep, college, art, rowing...err yeah! Woo

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» Little things that turn you on


Ok im new and probably shouldnt share but mehk!

Jelly - strawberry...no idea why
Mahogany Tables - oddly all fantasies seem to revolve around these
Tall men, blonde with green eyes and glasses - gotta have glasses they are such a turn-ons
Tim curry in Rocky Horror...and Riff raff...
being tied up standrad bondage really...
Lesbians...dont know why...
Actually anything odd truns me on and alot of the usual...i gues im a horny little minx...oh well!!! hehehe...ooo gotta have a fit ass...mmmm hehehehehehe....:D
(Wed 23rd Feb 2005, 21:35, More)