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"my computer and I are as one".

desktop wallpaper (1280x960 or 1024x768)
(Wed 15th Oct 2003, 18:27, More)

run for your lives!

(Tue 14th Oct 2003, 18:37, More)


(Wed 14th May 2003, 15:57, More)

"so these GM products are completely safe?"
"yes, but now you must die, human scum!"

(Wed 14th May 2003, 1:39, More)

barry felt threatened by the bananas

(Wed 16th Apr 2003, 16:22, More)

oil fields ablaze...

more el panda pics here
(Wed 26th Mar 2003, 17:15, More)


(Wed 12th Feb 2003, 18:27, More)

ah, l'amour!

(Fri 7th Feb 2003, 22:21, More)

"quack, quack"

(Thu 30th Jan 2003, 17:30, More)

unlike his relative the Hammerhead...
the Spannerhead shark disappeared
from the world's oceans many years ago...

(Sun 26th Jan 2003, 19:21, More)

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» Teenage Poetry

My Smelly Granny
wrote this in 5th year at school:

My frail, old smelly granny
She's full of cabbage gas
And when she lets a mighty one
The skin melts from her ass.

The stinky, wrinkled lady
That preposterous old crone
Everyone take cover, quick
I heard her anus groan.
(Fri 12th Aug 2005, 17:28, More)

» Teenage Poetry

lots of poems...
I wrote lots of little poems because I have nothing better to do with my life
click here to read them
(Fri 12th Aug 2005, 17:32, More)