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I now look bugger all like the pictures below so here I am in some taken recently. Also, I am currently Officially single although there is someone very special in my life and she knows who she is :)


Woo et Yay. Feel free to scream - Rev. Jesse Custer made these amazing versions of me as a ZOMBIE!

The man is a chuffing genius! - Just to prove it, here's what I look like as a non-zombie in the original:

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It's so hard to find source pics

(Mon 11th Sep 2006, 14:26, More)

Have a semi-topical Sunday Roast
Apologies to the family of Mr. Cook

On another note, I watched The Deer Hunter last night... Amazing film but what the hell is the deal with the twisted patriotism thrown in in the last seconds? I nearly puked..

(Sun 7th Aug 2005, 10:16, More)

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» School fights

Mine is a deserved beating, more than a fight
I went to a very good school in the town a few miles from mine, owing to my local comp being full of scummy chav psychopaths. This in turn made me from 'the hard town' and put me under a perceived obligation to prove my fighting abilities.

Who better to pick on than Michael Kennedy - The smallest lad in the school. Having been there only a few days, what I didn't know is that the Kennedys were the local hard family (Brothers in prison, drugs, knifings - Yay!). So I challenged him to a fight behind the school at home time. At 3.15 pm I duly turned up and leapt on him with all the gusto I could manage - only to look up and see a 5th year's giant red Fila trainer (Circa 1990) flying toward my face with impressive speed. Needless to say the Kennedy family members present and all of their friends proceeded to beat the living fuck out of me.

I don't fight much any more.

But when I do, I do my research first.
(Wed 15th Mar 2006, 9:30, More)