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Waiter, there's a .... etc....

EDIT : Off to the pub with Trashcanglam now... Let's hope it doesn't get too messy. Later all...
(Sat 10th May 2003, 20:36, More)

Hmmmm..... eggy.......

(Sat 10th May 2003, 19:28, More)

Previously undiscovered Magritte

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(Mon 7th Apr 2003, 12:50, More)


(Sat 1st Mar 2003, 4:29, More)

I Guess.....

... this guy is partly responsible for the misery of most IT professionals.
(Wed 9th Oct 2002, 1:32, More)

Can't do any harm....

... to put a camel's head on the poor chap... Can it...?
(Wed 9th Oct 2002, 0:39, More)

I suspect....

...they can smell his spicy brains...
(Tue 20th Aug 2002, 9:46, More)

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» Worst Record Ever

Sadly this is one I was involved in.....
.. a friend of mine (Raymond) wrote a 'world cup song'. He was a keen composer but, strangely this one got picked up by a record company. Long story short... we are Scottish, this was Italy (1990 ?) and it was a 'Scottish' world cup song. I sang on this, and it was released as a single. Apparently Radio 1 played it for about 20 seconds then pulled the plug. Thing is they overdubbed the main lyrics with Andy Stewart. This was not long after 'Donald where's your troosers' was re-released and the record company didn't know what to do with Andy.. He was on his death bed when he recorded the lyrics to this.... apparently quite literally..
I currently have a copy of the single sitting on my lap after a rummage in my record collection... sorry this is a longish post but here's the last verse (printed on the back of the sleeve)...

I'm a Sassenach goal-keeper out in hot Sardinia
I've stuffed myself with pizza and it's put me off my beer
And now I've watched our full back put his pass back in the goal
You can hear the shout "England's out" I'll soon be on the dole.

It brings back frightening memories... however.. I got paid more than anyone should have for this. Forgive me.

Did I mention that this is fucking appalling and hugely embarrassing....?

EDIT : This track was 'Scotland Scotland' by Rabble F.C. Sadly I have no means of recording it from vinyl, I can smell your disappointment.
(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 2:27, More)

» Pet Names

My cat.....
... was called Abby, which is short for abnormal... because she only had three legs.
(Wed 25th Feb 2004, 14:03, More)