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I live in Norwich.
My website is www.joe-baker.co.uk

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» Other people's diaries

Mildly sinister
At uni friends and I noticed a computer that had been abandonned without being logged off. A friend of mine had left it displaying an email from the christian union (of which he was a member) about how to approach people and indoctrinate/convert them. It was only mildly sinister, but that's sinister enough for me.
(Fri 2nd Feb 2007, 7:16, More)

» School Trips

Four in a bed
On an art trip to Amsterdam (same one as my other post) I was lucky enough to share a bed (two beds pushed together) with three sixteen year-old girls (I was 16 myself). Unfortunately we didn't do anything more exciting than tickle each other. Glad the teachers didn't catch us, though.
(Sat 9th Dec 2006, 19:15, More)

» School Trips

Drunken art teacher
When I was about 16 I tagged along on a school art trip to Amsterdam, even though I didn't do art at the time. We were staying in a hotel and one night, after getting pretty sozzled herself, the art teacher found out that (shock horror) all the pupils had been drinking as well. She staggered from room to room around the hotel telling all of us, in a slurred voice, that we had to "drink two glasses of water, all of you". Made me laugh but my drunken room mate took the command quite seriously, spilling water all down his front mumbling "must drink two glasses of water".
(Fri 8th Dec 2006, 12:09, More)

» It's not me, it's the drugs talking

On the ceiling
After some "jazz tobacco", a friend of mine was lying on the floor (I unfolded the sofa-bed on top of him for good measure). Feeling mean, I told him instead of lying on the floor looking up at the ceilng to imagine that he was actually lying on the ceiling and looking down at the floor. He didn't like that one bit.
(Tue 20th Dec 2005, 17:19, More)

» Cross Dressing

African Queen
When I was a 6th former I had a part in the school production of 'Jumpers', the Tom Stoppard play. In one scene my character is playing charades and is doing the film 'African Queen'. The teacher in charge made me wear a flowery dress, black-up my face and run around screaming.

Quite a change from being a respectable scholar and prop forward in the rugby team.
(Sun 18th Mar 2007, 20:22, More)
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