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» Too much information

ingrown hairs
i convinced my ex to shave off his pubic hair because i was sick of gagging from getting it in my mouth when i was giving him head, which he got on an almost daily basis

only problem with this (the hair removal, not the daily blowjobs) was the fact that he'd get horrible ingrown hairs that i'd pull out for him... they were always huge ones where heaps of pus would follow... we would do this on a nightly basis.. along with me squeezing all of his bacne (that's back acne for the uninitiated) and have him cheering whenever we'd get a particularly large amount of pus out of them.

I also used to lick his asshole during some sexual activities and he loved it. He would always lose a lot of precum when i did it, and then blow really hard when he came.

Thinking of both of these things makes me gag now, so if i have to feel nauseous because of it, so can all of you!

click this if you think i'm a bitch
(Sat 8th Sep 2007, 10:30, More)

» I Quit!

Quitting my job was one of the best things I've ever done.
I had been working at this place for quite a few months, having transferred from a different branch from which i'd worked for a few years. My level of experience was well up there. I was basically doing the amount of work that 2 people would usually do.

My boss recognized this and pulled me aside one day when one of the other ladies couldn't cope with the amount of work she'd been given and she asked me to essentially swap with this woman, clean up the backlog and manage it.. and the next opportunity for progression that came up would be as good as mine.

So i took this all on with a big smile on my face, pleased to have been given this recognition and did my best to clean it up and manage it. It was expected that cleaning it up would take at least 3 months. It took me about a month to clean it up, which was a huge effort in itself with a considerable bit of overtime put in, and i was praised for my efforts blah blah blah.

Next thing we hear that a new supervisory role was coming up, that there'd be applications to put in and that we should all work really hard in the meantime. Most of the office were expecting that i'd get it no problems. I'd been doing it for the longest, i knew what i was doing and basically it was only natural progression. Plus my manager had given me the "wink wink" about it, so i was pretty pleased - hard work paying off and all that.

Next thing she calls us all together and announces that she'd given the position to someone else, who had absolutely no idea what she was doing, who only worked part time and would constantly have to leave early for a range of bullshit reasons. As she announced this to me and the rest of the team she wouldn't even look at me.. she deliberately avoided looking at me, and then she hurried off afterwards so i couldn't confront her about it.

As you could imagine I was fuming. I almost quit right there on the spot, but instead i gave it the weekend to mull over, with plans of asking for an explanation at the next available opportunity.

When i asked her she said stuff about "ohh well it was a quick decision and I completely forgot about you" and then it was "it has taken you ages to clean up the backlog of mess i assigned you" even when it took a third of the time she'd given me to do it, not to mention the fact that i'd complained about someone about a week previous for trying to bully me in the office, using this as a "conduct issue" when it was clearly a harassment issue. I mentioned the fact that she'd pulled me aside and promised me advancement and asked her if she never had any intention of moving me up the ladder, why the hell had she given me all of the extra work to do. I stood up, shrugged, said "ok" and walked out. She said she was sorry and that her decision had been made, that there'd be other opportunities later on and to keep my spirits up.

Keep my spirits up I did. I wrote my resignation letter straight after that and sent it just before leaving for the day. The letter pretty much outlined how disgusted i was at how this other girl had been chosen for the job when she couldn't even do her own work properly, disgusted at the fact that it hadn't even been officially advertised, and disgusted at the fact that she'd promised me the job, given me all this extra work to do and then didn't live up to her end of the bargain. I explained how hard I'd worked, how I'd gone about using my initiative to help the rest of the team, and how my experience doing this was well above anyone else's level and how it didn't make sense. I outlined that i was giving the job 100% and that it was pointless staying around if my efforts weren't going to be recognized. I had to give 2 weeks notice, so i basically said "unless you can offer me something better than this, consider this email my 2 weeks notice".

Well, the next day was interesting. Upon arrival to work, I noticed the girl who'd gotten the promotion was outside crying. Nothing new.. she'd cry about anything really. She saw me and gave me a death glare. That was new.. usually we'd have lunch together and talk about sex and boys. As soon as my manager saw me she called me into her office, and told me that she'd reconsidered her decision, taken the promotion off this other girl and said i was welcome to it. I asked her if she thought this was a better option, and she said "yes, of course it is, how could it not be? I don't want to lose you.. you're one of my best workers, you deserve it." I asked her how was i supposed to work under her and respect her when she'd taken the job off someone else just like *that* and given it to me, and how did i know she wasn't going to do this to me? I asked her that if i deserved it, why it just hadn't been given to me straight away? She couldn't really give me an answer and i said "sorry, i don't consider this a better option.. you've just compromised whatever integrity you had, and you've upset the entire office. My decision has been made. There'll be other opportunities for these other people to take over my job. My resignation stands. Keep your spirits up because recruiting people is FUN!" And walked out with a huge smile on my face.

She ended up giving the position to 3 people (who had no idea what they were doing) to share. Before I left she tried to ask me to teach these other girls how to do stuff properly. I laughed and said "perhaps you can get C******* to do it.. you did choose her over me, after all. Clearly she's much better at training than I am." I told her i'd do a handover, but that was it.

I left a bit more than a week later. She tried to ask me for a months notice but I said "sorry, my contract only states 2 weeks as the requirement". I didn't have another job to go to, and I had accumulated recreation leave and sick leave and decided to take that during my 2 weeks notice period and look for work. I found another job about a week later that paid considerably higher, that was in the city (big bonus) and was completely different to what i'd been doing, meaning a better challenge.

Quitting your job can be daunting, especially when you don't earn much to begin with and don't want to rely on your abusive partner to support you, giving them another means to manipulate you with. You just have to know what you're capable of and be able to leave somewhere without worrying about money and what could go wrong.

It may not have been a great way to leave, but I don't have any regrets.
(Sat 24th May 2008, 2:46, More)

» Shame

last year i had this HUGE crush on a guy.. at the time he was my manager but he was my age and i never took any sort of direction from him anyway - so to me he was just an ordinary guy - and he was leading me on.. making suggestive comments about wanting to be with me and all this sort of crap

anyway he ended up getting fired for stealing money but told me he'd be out partying that weekend and told me to come out and meet up with him as well and we'd have a fun time - stupid me thinking "ooh, here's my chance FINALLY" being so head over heels, went out and drank an entire bottle of ouzo.

Went into the club and looked around for him, only to find him not there. Started trying to pash my sister (!) and then went to get some water, fell down and couldn't get up so was escorted outside with my sister on one side and some random other guy on the other - my sister reckons she just grabbed some random guy just to stop me from cracking onto her.. so said random guy was apparently kissing me for a good half an hour.. i can't even remember if it happened or not.. i have absolutely no memory of it at all

sister tells me that i crash tackled one of the bouncers and kept calling him "shannon" and tried to dry hump him and told him i loved him (i didn't even know this guy.. some indian dude) and then i screamed at my sister to go over to this guy that i was in love withs house to see why he wasn't at the club.

get there, he comes outside and sees me in the car passed out.. my sister and him and his brother were talking for nearly an hour until i finally come to.. spot the guy, start yelling all sorts of abuse at him (this is at 2am in a quiet suburban town btw) and then proceeded to tell him how much i loved him and cried to him asking him why he doesn't love me and then telling him again how much i love him and wish he loved me too..

he was just about to give me a hug (probably out of pity) when i threw up all over myself, and started blowing my nose into my hand and wiping it on myself. Seeing this made him vomit, and his brother, seeing him vomit, also started to vomit. He then went inside and told me to go home and sleep it off and my sister started driving me home. I didn't want to go home so i jump out of this moving car and start searching for his house. I ended up in some different street banging on some random womans door yelling out for this guy, and then went and sat on a traffic island and waited for my sister to come back and pick me up.

i vowed never to drink again, but then did a few months after and got absolutely shitfaced at a coworkers 40th (with 200+ guests there) and decided i loved my new manager and sent him some text message declaring undying love for him.

I then stole his bottle of wine, drank it from the bottle, sat for a little bit, and then vomitted all over the dancefloor, where people started slipping over in my vomit. I was escorted outside again where after a lot of crying, I passed out. My sister came again and picked me up, dropped me off at my brand new car that i had left at my coworkers house, and followed her home, drunk as a motherfucker.

work the following monday was hell.. no one would look at me or talk to me.. but then my manager comes up to me and goes "can i have a word please?" and we go outside

he mentions this text message i sent him and told me that he was going to pretend it never happened and told me that everything between me and him was fine.. but then stopped talking to me for a good 2 months after, then goes off on stress leave after nearly having a heart attack (at 33) and found another job.

i can't help but feel partly responsible for him leaving.. but i don't care that he's not there anymore.. i'm just so ashamed about the whole thing
(Sun 27th Nov 2005, 10:14, More)

» Insults

best asian insult ever!
walking past a japanese person, i accidentally bumped into him

he yelled at me "watch where you're going, you ROUND EYED FUCK!"

Now i need counselling.. apparently i must have eyes like fuckin overcoat buttons!
(Thu 4th Oct 2007, 23:38, More)

» The Dirty Secrets of Your Trade

I know someone who used to be a sex worker in a legalised brothel. One of the conditions of working at this establishment was a thorough sex exam and std check every 3 months, to ensure the highest amounts of safety for clients is upheld blah blah blah

I know for a fact that none of these workers were thoroughly tested for STDs and upon visiting their "doctor" all they got were questions about how many accidents (i.e. ripped condoms) had happened and whether they were using condoms for oral sex. All they had to do was say none and yes and their certificate would be written out.

Disgusting? Yes. All the more reason not to visit hookers.
(Sat 29th Sep 2007, 10:08, More)
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