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» DIY fashion

Someone bought me a black hat. Its a proper hat, i forget what type but possibly a fedora.
I love it.
However, I am always greeting with calls of "tit in the hat" when I wear it

I rock
(Sat 26th Aug 2006, 22:46, More)

» The most cash I've ever carried

I have to put any notes over £20 in a counter cache at work. Onlu a certain amount of other notes in the till at one time etc etc. i'm not good at doing this so at some times i have £200 of notes in my hand. the temptation to thow it in the air and shout mooooney is very strong. . .

Young enterprise. the old MD was a shite and paid me £81 in silver change. and a pound coin.

he owes us £100+ tho so anyone in Guildford fancy helping me beat him up for it?
(Tue 27th Jun 2006, 22:57, More)

» On the stage

Just finished backstage "work" on merchant of venice. Fun stuff. Ended up just sitting there and playing blackjack for the most part and then scene changing which we managed to screw up pretty much every night.
Actors missing lines as well pissed us and lighting guys up.
fun stuff happens behind the scenes :P
(Sat 3rd Dec 2005, 11:56, More)

» Now, there was no need for that...

History exam
Every need for the exam.
No need having my throat extremly sore all day so that even drinking water (its a hot day) hurts like hell.
Also no need to feel like I'm going to throw up for 1 1/2 hours. Then getting better at the end of the exam.
All in all a bad exam as I couldn't concentrate and felt like I was going to barf.

And no need for some length pun here.
(Tue 21st Jun 2005, 12:26, More)

» Claims to Fame

I forgot the guy's name but there you go. I think it was the guy who played Grant mitchell, or some bad guy, in Eastenders(and other stuff))

We went up to London to see the Harness Horse Parade thingy. When we got back to the car we stood outside and leaned on his fence. We just stood there having a picnic and then this delivery guy came up. He tried to deliver a package or something but the famous guy said to wait till we had buggered off or something.
We just stood there, leaning on his fence, and never got to see him. :( We also laughed at delivery guy cos he stood there giving himself a manicure.

Seen Ginger Chris at Whit Horse, Hascombe.

I swear I saw Jeremy Beadle in sainsburys.

I was in Songs of Praise when it was in Guildford.

My Mum's friend's daughter's friend is Jonny Depp's nanny. Woo
(Mon 28th Feb 2005, 21:44, More)
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