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» Losing Your Virginity

The young lady I lost my heterosexual virginity to was my second girlfriend when we were back in high school. she was a beautiful and manic young lass who was about to turn 17. Now that i think back to this relationship and the build up to losing our virginity it was, well, kinda strange and a little twisted. but hell, we were young and (i at least was) angst filled and what not.. and she wass a nutter.
She had often woven into conversation that she was a spiritual guru of sorts and on several random occasions back in India she'd had mystical people tell here that she had 'the gift of the aura' and many other mystical talents.
well, her spiritual teacher back in India, who she regularly enjoyed telepathic chats with, had informed her that i was her soul mate and life partner who she must spiritually unite with post haste... (later on when our relationship was heading through a rough patch, she told me that she needed to use me because she had a hole in her heart and she needed to leech off my intimate energy fields and our auras were compatible for this transference. she said this was why I’d been falling ill sometimes when she drew too much on my energy which she needed to live)...
okay, back to the build up to sex.
well, you see, we had to be married properly, so there were many wonderful and interesting things we both had to do first for it to work and all... one of my daily rituals was to shower for exactly 20 mins and wash my entire external body twice over with soap. this one did in a way make sense. I was a tad bit smelly at times.
but the day that we were to make love... well, apparently her teacher would contact me through my dreams and i would know upon wakening one day where we were to have our marriage and what rites we would say and do...

well, the day we actually shagged took place one morning when she skipped school and had been rock climbing earlier on at sunrise so she was the one who could have benefited from a shower with twice over soaping.

but by the end of it we both needed a bath. it rather good for a first time and apart from my alarm going off half way through, there were no distractions and it lasted quite a brilliant length for young lovers. a bit of blood afterwards, but you get that sometimes... Discovering how to insert my dick into kunts was a wonderful lesson for me to learn that day. bodies were not constructed quite like how i'd imagined. but we got it to work!

now, in closing, and in short compared to that... i lost my homosexual virginity to a class mate later on that year during a time when my relationship with the previously mentioned lady was hitting a rough patch. she was abusive and being hit by someone was something alien to me. needless to say, that and her general spookiness scared me off a little over the months...
but during a sobbing fit she gave her consent that i sin and sleep with another man.

and it was great.
and we did it like... homosexual rabbits!
and months later when i broke up with the two of them, for a short time, they were really good friends. Awwwww!
(Fri 4th Mar 2005, 15:18, More)

» Little things that turn you on

(mostly audio related cables). I love having a good collection of audio cables in different stages of repair… some needing soldering, some new and still too stiff to unwind, some plugged into equipment and left trailing off to nowhere. When I’m writing music or working at my computer I love to see cables lying around in the corner of my vision. I like having the choice when recording to use a good quality cable or a faulty and noisy one that could fail at any moment.
(Mon 21st Feb 2005, 7:39, More)