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Pan dimensional evil.
3rd Washroom along
Waterloo Station.

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» Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure
A friend rented a room in Swansea, although there was many rooms they were all empty bar one, another male tenant. When bored exporing the attic the only items up there was a wedding dress and a moth eaten wedding dress.
We often expected to come back to find the other resident riding the rocking horse ready for marrage a sort of "Wedding Tubbs".

"Edward, will heaven be like Swansea?"
"Yes, only bigger."
(Thu 30th Jun 2005, 14:29, More)

» My first experience of porn

Free porn
Is there still a tradition of porn stashed in pubic places (parks etc) or has this interweb killed it off.

Sound a bit like Stuart Maconie, "white dog pooh, crap sweets........."
(Mon 29th Jan 2007, 15:21, More)