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'Ning to you.
Stuff about me:
a) I am a guy
b) I am English, Born in Newcastle, raised
in Yorkshire so I have a mild Yorkshire accent which I can't stand.
c) I'm an animation graduate, currently looking for people daft enough to pay me to draw and animate stuff.
d) Bleh.

Tea or Coffee??

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» Workplace Boredom

Cup tinkering boredom
A while ago I was working for a (now bust, and deservingly so) greetings card company. I was a lowly photoshop monkey and my job was basically to take existing designs and rejig them slightly so they could milk the most out of the original artist's work (eg. This is a cute bear. We want a christmas bear. Add a santa hat to the bear. Re-tint the bear pink. Mirror the bear, etc...) Pretty dull stuff.

As shitty Nescafe machine coffee was the highlight of my days, I'd find creative things to do with my cups with tippex, permenant markers and googly eyes (greetings card place so they were available) This was my crowning achievement:

(Thu 15th Jan 2009, 1:45, More)

» Letters they'll never read

Dear lovely chinese girl at the station,

You probably know me as "that odd, long-haired idiot at the train-station every morning", or maybe you haven't noticed me at all... anyway...

I can't help sneaking glances at you and doing the whole "forced-casual pose" that makes me look like I've had a mild stroke. You look like exactly the kind of girl I'd like to know: a rocker (judging by your jeans and fingerless gloves with skulls on), an intellectual (you're always reading - REAL stuff, not slagozines), and you're one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen.

...But I'll never have the guts too talk to you because at that time of the morning I have the charm and appearance of the contents of my vacuum-cleaner.

yours sheepishly, Zumf.
(Thu 4th Mar 2010, 15:44, More)