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» Stupid Tourists

Several years ago....
...I was the stupid tourist travelling round the states. Money had run out & we'd resorted to eating in the Golden Arches on a daily basis. Visited one such 'restaurant' in Chicago to be asked to order again because she loved the accent (I'm from Birmingham for god's sake). Which I did. Then she asked me where I was from. Birmingham. And was that near Nottingham? (a certain film with Kevin Costner had just come out). Well, sort of. It's in the Midlands. Next question floored me:
Do I know Robin Hood?

No, I don't.

Silence ensued. Order arrived. I turned to leave & was called back to be told that "when you get home you can tell your friends you were served by a black person."
(Mon 11th Jul 2005, 5:20, More)