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» Redundant technology

my car had a manual choke
i say had, because a couple weeks ago some twat nicked the car and crashed it about. So much so, my poor car is now at the scrapheap *sniff*

Back onto the choke though. When i first started driving the car it took me a while to get used the choke and that it was my first car. So still getting used to driving aswell. This resulted in me forgetting that the choke was on and so often the engine became flooded and stalled regularly...

One of the major bonuses about living in Basingstoke is the seemingly infinite number of roundabouts. I stalled after accidently flooded the engine at one as I went to drive on to it. It was a big roundabout. It was also rush hour. Lots of angry drivers...

Cue my two mates having to push my car off the roundabout up a small incline as I didn't yet know how to get it started again(I know now fortunately!) Lucky for them it was only a small car so didn't weigh much. One of them did almost throw up though... hehe...
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» Hidden Treasure

I was digging in the sofa because I'd just lost £2 in it. And then I find a £20 note!! I thought that was quite conveniant. Although I never did find that £2.
(Wed 6th Jul 2005, 21:04, More)