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(Thu 29th Aug 2002, 12:31, More)

My photoshop entry:
I was going to do more, but im too busy....
(Fri 1st Feb 2002, 9:41, More)

If Jesus...
...was with us today! The modern Jesus would look like this!

(Fri 14th Dec 2001, 5:41, More)

I have to say...
...she has a forehead like a Drive in Movie Theatre

(Fri 7th Dec 2001, 15:49, More)

My first proper animation!

(Fri 7th Dec 2001, 11:57, More)

This is pointless, but she is my old boss, i hate her and i have spent the whole day doing this, so i feel like sharing it with you!

Does anyone else see that tumble weed go by?
(Mon 3rd Dec 2001, 12:54, More)

Boom Boom....
....Let me here you say "Me...OW!"

(Mon 26th Nov 2001, 12:21, More)

.... with Shipman's head, any ideas for rules and what is needed for qualification

(Fri 16th Nov 2001, 9:12, More)

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» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

One day...
...I was waiting in a chemist to pick up a prescription, when this big Rasta gentleman walked, at the very same time the pharmacist called out my name for collection "James?” I jumped to my feet and shouted "Ya mon!" - the place fell silent and I churlishly ran out the chemist avoiding Mr. Rasta.
(Wed 21st Apr 2004, 15:49, More)

» I Quit!

Shove this up your arse! CUNT!
Being a dot-com slave, I joined a start up in a senior position a few years back. I quickly got disillusioned with the founder, he was a twat who could never make a decision and stick with, 5 minutes later he would change his mind and go off on another tangent – suffice to say, after a few massive bust ups, I didn’t stick around for long. Anyway, it was an online retailer and every now and then we would have to place test orders and sometimes they would get dispatched accidentally, even though I hadn't paid for it. On my last day, I wrapped up all the packages that got accidentally sent to me and upon my exit interview presented it to my boss – he was chuffed (thinking it was a present) and felt like a cunt, because he didn’t bother with anything other than a hand-shake-thank-you. I insisted he opened it at home, so as I was leaving the office, he went out and bought me a brand new mini-mac as a thank you present. Never heard from him since.
(Fri 23rd May 2008, 10:13, More)