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Lives in South Oxfordshire. Does music videos.

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Damn. Couldn't find any hummus.
Here's a picture.

Sounded much scarier in the pub last night when we were talking about scary flying things.
(Fri 11th Oct 2002, 17:04, More)

With a deep sigh...

Cyril began his most hated Sunday job.
(Tue 8th Oct 2002, 16:10, More)

Stephenson didn't just invent the Rocket...

but also agreed to trial a new 'mobile' talking device.
(Fri 4th Oct 2002, 14:39, More)

After years of training...

Surely this year Sweetie would win at the Stockport Budgie Convention.
click for big
(Fri 27th Sep 2002, 17:07, More)

Says it all really..

My whole lunch had the potential for beer token richness and not a bloody thing. Bastards.
(Wed 25th Sep 2002, 17:25, More)

Zeke took a lot of stick over Lulabell

but she could spot trouble ten times as far away as any other damn pony.
(Mon 2nd Sep 2002, 18:44, More)

Cats on springs

Not enough of 'em in my opinion.
(Fri 21st Jun 2002, 18:31, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Expensive Mistakes

House sale
Pretty boring these ones...

1) Got my first loan for my first car (a Lancia HPE) - £1000 if I remember rightly, but in 1982 that was enough to buy Kent. Took it out that weekend and stoved it into the front of a wanker parked on the other side of a hump-backed bridge. 3rd party insurance, paying for loan for two years with no car to show for it.

2) Got into debt with my flat down in Brighton and decided to sell. Had some buyers, all going well then had to take a week away for work. Came back to find my solicitor had refused a request by the buyers for me to spend £20 fixing a loose guttering bracket and they'd dropped out of the sale. Couldn't find another buyer, defaulted on mortgage. Went looking for solicitor with baseball bat...

(Tue 30th Oct 2007, 11:57, More)

» Phobias

Big Things In Water
I don't generally suffer from any phobias, laugh at heights, spiders, snakes and so on and have spent many years cultivating my tough guy image but I do have one odd fear...

I can't abide buoys. Now, let's be clear, this is bUoys, not boys or men in general. It's something to do with the big rusty chain stretching down into the depths that just gives me the shudders something terrible. I thought for a while it was all big or man-made objects in water but I don't have any problems with boats or locks or weirs, it's just buoys and buoy like things.

It just seems wrong somehow. Boats are fine, they're floating but a buoy is fixed into this enormous expanse of water and it has no right to be.

(Fri 11th Apr 2008, 15:43, More)

» When I met the parents

A million years ago I drove to meet my first girlfriend's parents. On the way I required some fuel for my vehicle. On attempting to apply fuel nozzle to said vehicle I buggered it up and sprayed petrol about half a gallon of petrol down my legs. I spent the entire evening confined to the kitchen with the back door open with her and her parents shouting questions to me.

And this, gentlemen is my first posting on B3ta in probably two years. I'm back!

(Tue 24th May 2005, 19:24, More)