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by antonye


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It's the truth
by antonye
(Fri 9th Aug 2002, 15:22, More)

Polishing that Glass Cock

AnalJustice made me do it
(Fri 2nd Aug 2002, 10:41, More)

Meanwhile, at the IVF clinic...
...laboratory technicians play "baby roulette" to pass the time.

by antonye
(Mon 8th Jul 2002, 16:46, More)

It the devil's child
by antonye

my first anim gif, btw!
(Fri 28th Jun 2002, 8:54, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Hidden Treasure

Home Sweet Home
My sister bought her first terraced house quite cheap, and on moving in roped me in to help out her husband with general DIY stuff.

On pulling up the hall carpet, we found a rather large pool of dried blood underneath and matching stain on the bottom of the carpet.

Turns out the previous occupant had been stabbed to death in the hall by his girlfriend.

So if you're living at 13 May Road in Lowestoft and reading this ... BEWARE THE GHOST!
(Fri 1st Jul 2005, 11:13, More)

» Claims to Fame

I'm in the credits for Mortal Kombat III.

Second from last, but I'm in them, damn you!
(Fri 25th Feb 2005, 14:06, More)

» Job Interviews

While working for BT Research...
...and having just finished an HNC, my then boss said I should go for a sponsored placement at University. Basically you got paid the same amount but spent your time drinking at Uni, only having to turn up back at work during the holidays.

So I applied, went for the usual maths / psychometric / aptitude tests and then had to attend a couple of interviews as well.

In the final interview, which was really the Yes or No decision, they basically said that I was too thick to get a degree and they wouldn't sponsor me.

So I quit the job and went to uni anyway.

Three years later I took great delight in going back for an interview for a manager's job with my newly aquired BSc Hons certificate at the very same place and being a right cunt all the way through, as I had no intention of ever going back to work there.
(Thu 20th Jan 2005, 11:09, More)

» Useless Information

You can't fold any size piece of paper more than seven (7) times....

/me rushes off to printer
(Thu 17th Mar 2005, 17:02, More)

» People with Stupid Names

I went to school with
Nora Ball.

The poor girl.
(Thu 26th Aug 2004, 12:37, More)
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