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» Controversial Beliefs

Life after death.
Where to begin?
The misses phoned me yesterday morning in tears ,saying she just saw our cat Nibblo
run over and killed,well I was gutted to say the least.
So she brings him home in the back of the car he,s a bit fucked up but its him,so anyway I take him up my father in laws allotment and bury him after saying my last goodbyes.

07.30 this morning my son tells me that Nibblo has just walked in through the back door :-O !
Now I have read Pet Sematary by Stephen King and the cat hasn,t been gone for 24 hours for ages ,I,m freaked. Anyway it is Nibblo.
Now I got to find out whos cat I,ve buried.
(Fri 26th Apr 2013, 8:04, More)

» Random Acts of Kindness

Wake up call
About two years ago I was diagnosed with depression.I became so selfish and self centered that I didn,t care for nobody but myself.
I lost my job and nearly my marriage and was on the verge of ending it all.
I was always a moody bastard ,friends(not that I had that many) ,family and workmates would often get the wrong side of me.I had to look at myself and what I was doing.
The final straw came when I lost my job ,and my marriage I thought was over.I texted the wife to say I had enough and drove off into the night and wasn,t coming back.
Sitting in my car on that cliff edge was the most sobering experience I have ever had and eventually thought that its got this far and must get better.
On the way home I was pulled over by the police who were looking for me after my wife got worried.She even put it out on Facebook to help find me.
Anyways I told my wife what I was going through and we vowed to get through it.Through facebook my work family and friends found out what was going on and I was called in by my employers to review my employment and was told of all the support from my colleagues and friends who wished they could help.
Though not random,the acts of kindness help me get my job back,my marriage ,care about my wellbieng from people I know and only know in passing has made me a better person I am today,and when I am not feeling too bad always strive to help others when I can.
Catch you all later gonna make the wife a Valentines breakfast.
(Tue 14th Feb 2012, 9:04, More)

» Dumb things you've done

Not me ,the wife......honest.
After bieng with my girlfriend for over a year and finding out she was pregnant,we decided to get a house together,
After aquiring a shitty council house we settled down to unmarried bliss.
After a few months of bieng together, things got a little crazy one day when my lovely girlfriend took exception to my music being too loud,after refusing to turn it down she thought she would fight fire with fire and play the stereo upstairs louder.It didn,t.
Now I knew she was a bit crazy when we got together (she must have been to pick me )and putting a nice little twist in my nose after headbutting me for no reason ,twice!
Hearing her THUNDEROUS footsteps coming down the stairs disapear into the kitchen???? SHE THEN APPEARS WITH A FUCKING CARVING KNIFE!!!
fearing the worst she brushed me aside and heads for the stereo and grabs the stereo cable and starts hacking away at it.

After taking the knife off her and calming her down we kissed and made up,and 17 years later we are still together,married 2 kids.How I dont know ,but thats love for you.........
(Tue 1st Jan 2008, 8:45, More)

» The B3TA Confessional

I,ve read through 95% of these confessions,and to be honest,quite a lot have made me laugh,sick and angry.That aside its made me realise that even though I was a little bastrad when the occasion took me,some of you lot make me look like a saint.Thanks....Now for my story.......

Many years ago I used to live in a 3 story house,my bedroom was on the top floor of all and the toilet was the furthest point of all,1st floor freezing cold in winter.
My confession is that the cold water tank was in my bedroom and you could lift the lid off, perfect hieght to piss in.
So sorry to my parents,brothers and sister.
You must have wondered why i never why i drank the water.
(Wed 1st Sep 2010, 16:38, More)

» Surprise!

Early one morning after getting dressed for work I felt something in my trouser pocket,thinking it was a bit of paper or fluff I stuck my hand in and pulled out .....A BIG FUCK OFF SPIDER STILL ALIVE,oh god,oh jesus I fucking hate spiders they frighten fuck out of me,its making me
cringe just thinking about it
(Sun 7th Apr 2013, 7:05, More)
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