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I am Ceteri I am 26 and Im currently living in Sunderland

I lurk a lot because im shit at reading and by the time ive thought of something funny to say ive generally been mindpissed.

People whos work makes me laugh include:

Mutated Monty
Happy Toast

Some shit i have made:

A Robot Doing A Paula Radcliffe

credit to mutatedmonty for the robot

How Icecaps are made

That Is All

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» It's not me, it's the drugs talking

Oasis Manchester gig this year
Me and a group of mates were on the train down to manchester to go and see Oasis. All feeling in a jovial mood and having been drinking since 8:00am we decided it was time to have a pill on the train down, cue much silliness on the train and a mass theft of silly hats from tie rack booth at Manchester Picadilly, once inside the gig and considerable amount of narcotics later we were well and truly spangled and having a great time when a young lady sheepishly taps my mate on his shoulder and asks "excuse me, do you know your on fire?" looking down i saw the first 6 inches or so of his right jean leg were ablaze. He then proceeded to dance around in a rave like frenzy trying to put out the flames. We still have no idea how the blaze started.
(Fri 16th Dec 2005, 15:12, More)