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» School Sports Day

Quite unusually for such a low key event as a primary school sports day, one year we had a streaker.

Seats were set up alongside the one running track on our field, with pretty much every "sport" being running, occassionally with obstacles such as putting a rubber hoop on your head whilst running, or pretending you cared about recieving a sticker after running - all very enthralling. We were luckily given a respite from our boredom however, as some plucky young lad from one of the houses whose back gardens were seperated from the field by a solitary fence. Cue much chaos as hundreds of little kids stand laughing whilst naked child ran in a frenzy all oer the field and down the track with a grin of pure joy on his face. His mothers efforts to stop this entailed her jogging all of 10 metres before stopping and realising that her 20-a-day tar lungs couldn't handle it, thus resulting in the streaking lasting an above average 20 minutes.

The only slightly worrying part was the few parents who decided to video it, perhaps to take to their Glitter inspired nonce dungeon.
(Sun 2nd Apr 2006, 20:05, More)