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Put this up today - Fucjking Brexit.

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» Ignorance

A couple of examples
In the days of Parallel printers, one of the PA's asked me why she couldn't print. I looked and the screen and told he that the font that she was using was too big for the printer cable and that characters had got jammed in it. I told her that if she shook the characters out by disconnecting the printer cable and shaking it vigorously, the characters would come out. So she disconnected the cable and duly started shaking it.

While I was at the same company we had a drinks machine that has been incorrectly configured to allow the user to order a strong water. When people were getting a round in, I'd ask for a tea and a strong water. I had a number pf people trying to taste the difference between a normal and strong water.
(Thu 30th Aug 2012, 18:16, More)